My orchids listen to Frank Sinatra!

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I know this title must have puzzled you. You must think, “what’s the catch?” Is there any subtle meaning to it? It must be figurative..”

Well, let me tell you how my orchids do have a peculiar taste in music and how Sinatra is their favorite.

This tale goes way back, when I go my first flowerpot. It was an orchid, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It was actually so pretty that I started calling her my favorite flower, even though I prefer wild flowers. Why? I don’t really know, they just give me this nice sense of freedom.

However, going back to my favorite orchid… I got her for my high school graduation. Her flowers had this interesting purple shade and it felt like she was the most important thing that was happening to me at the time. Although, I was graduating… It just felt like I made friends with the most beautiful girl/handsome boy in high school.

Fast forward, after spending a whole summer together, struggling to make it work, I eventually had to leave her, to go to college, in another city. I admit, I thought about bringing her with me for quite a while. It was just so difficult because, she was so pretty, but so frail. She wasn’t herself when I left at all. She got quite sick, didn’t make any flowers or bloom for quite a while. Eventually, my father told me that she died. “It was the lighting” my father said. “She was staring at the window all day, getting more sun than she actually needed.”

The news of her death, although devastating, did not surprise me. I know I didn’t take good care of her and didn’t pay her the attention she deserved. Just like most relationship… the one you appreciate the most is the one you just lost.

As time went by, I got the idea that I just wasn’t cut off to take care of plants. I’m clumsy, lazy and very focused on my career. It would be difficult to have such responsibility, especially for a person with such huge career commitment.

As life delivers unexpected gifts to you, I got another orchid as a gift for my last year’s birthday. This one was from my sister, the last one from my mother. She was very similar to the first orchid I got friends with, the same beautiful purple color, but with light pink tones.

I tried to love her as much as I loved the other one, but we just didn’t click at the beginning. Just like my old crush, she was requiring too much attention.. But this time I decided to do things differently!

Instead of remaining passive towards the situation, I started being unsurprisingly proactive. I would give her anything she asked for: water, more water, sunlight and sometimes music. She didn’t seem to enjoy anything I was doing for her. It was so frustrating that I decided to ignore her for a whole week!

She definitely didn’t liked it. Her leaves were pointing down to the floor and one of the actually turned yellow. I thought she just needed more water, but she just kept getting worse. I then changed her pot, the soil and everything you do to pamper an orchid. I even brought her a companion, another baby orchid that I rescued from a flower arrangement.

She seemed to get a little better, but still looked like she was about to die, so I started giving up hope…

Until one day, when I was very “in the mood for jazz”. So I looked for a Frank Sinatra playlist of Youtube. I hit play and listen to Frank for a couple of minutes. Jazz brings back lots of memories to me, so I got a little emotional…

After literally losing track of time, I decided to check on my two orchids, see how their adjusting to their new setting. To my surprise and amazement, they looked so vivid, so alive, that I suddenly had the urge to hold an actual conversation with them. I only got the chance to ask them how they were doing and even though there was no reply there (obviously), they really seemed happy and better.

That’s when it hit me… The only thing that was special and different, was old pal Sinatra. My orchids like Sinatra… go figure!

So I let them listen to his jazz every time I’m home, or not.

3 thoughts on “My orchids listen to Frank Sinatra!

  1. Awesome story! Have always wanted to have an orchid, but I’m constantly moving around and wouldn’t dare to leave it behind… you’ve made me give it a second thought!

    1. Thank you, Pabla! Orchids are very tender flowers. If you give them attention and take care of them, they’re going to be amazing. They also give a very good vibe in the room, so I definitely recommend you getting one! There are tons of plant watering solutions for when you’re traveling and if you secure it carefully you can transport it without doing any harm. I’ve moved two of mine from one flat to another two times and they’re very much alive and happy. Let me know if you get one and how it worked our for you. 🙂

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